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Global Standard Train The Trainer Certification in India

If there's just one thing that you would like to invest in to ensure success as a corporate trainer, this workshop is it.

Reasons To Attend The TTT Certification Workshop

Transition Smoothly To The Career Of Your Choice

The field of Training and Development has in recent times attracted some of the most competent individuals from various fields.Read More >>>

Get A Certification That The Market Recognizes

Bodhih Training Solutions Pvt Ltd has consulted with over 600 organizations in India and abroad and has delivered programs forRead More >>>

Learn Tomorrow's Training Techniques, Not Yesterdays

Bodhih Training Solutions Pvt Ltd has been and continues to do work which is at the cutting edge of Corporate Training SolutionsRead More >>>

Get A "Ready To Start" Training Kit


In order to ensure that even new or inexperienced get a powerful launch, Bodhih provides you with full length,Read More >>>

Earn Big Bucks


As a result of the huge demand for competent trainers in various fields, organizations are constantly looking for bothRead More >>>

Train Senior Management And C-Level Executives With Ease

One of the things that many trainers dread and hence get stuck at one level is because of the fear and challenge of trainingRead More >>>

Grow From Trainer To Organizational Development Consultant

Several trainers in the market today begin and end with just training delivery. This approach sometimes does not helpRead More >>>

Utilize Your Work And Life Experiences

When someone typically shifts from one field into another there is a possibility to take a few steps back. The wonderful aspectRead More >>>

Develop The Training Charisma

Bodhih has realised through its experience in corporate training that some of the most successful trainers areRead More >>>

Become Your Own Brand

Whether as a member of an internal training team or as a freelance training consultant, what will shoot up your market valueRead More >>>

Specialist Trainers and Facilitators

Bodhih works with a dedicated pool of between 45 to 50 trainers and facilitators across the country. All our trainersRead More >>>

One Train The Trainer Certification Is All You Need

Bodhih has trained and certified several participants with and without prior training experience. In all cases, participants Read More >>>

Researched and Validated Content

Having serviced over 250 clients and consulted with over 600 clients, Bodhih constantly learns from the market Read More >>>

Who We Are


Being a training solutions provider to some world class organizations, Bodhih Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has had the opportunity to work and exchange ideas with some of the finest minds in the industry today. Learn and get trained by them, by registering now for the Train The Trainer Certification Workshop.


You will also benefit from Bodhih's ongoing research in the field of training and inputs from the industry on the cutting edge requirements in the field of training and development and state of the art trends and best practices.


Trainer Certification Essentials



The workshop was very hands on. The Facilitator walked the talk and gave me a good understanding of content, structure and delivery.


- Ranjini Rajendran (Training Consultant, Bangalore)


It felt like this workshop was tailor-made for me. I liked the interactive and hands on experience for all important concepts in the workshop.


- Sheeba K.A. (Language Coach, Convergys, Delhi)


I liked the different training styles used in this workshop for participants to understand better. The examples, illustrations and videos helped me remember all the sessions.


- Pritika Sharma (Trainer, Torry Harris)


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Bodhih's Train The Trainer Certification Workshop can also be offered as an In-house Corporate Workshop for Clients in its signature format as well as in a customized format if required